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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Caren in human form is taller than the younger girls in canon, but a regular-height young woman with periwinkle drill hair. Her eyes are grey and her skin is a tinge brown. As a mermaid, her hair and eyes turn bright purple and she has a thick purple tail. Caren's ethnicity is ambiguously Chilean, though in-universe it's just "purple mermaid."
♚ FASHION: Early 2000s. Caren wears ripped jeans, fuzzy belts, bucket hats, the works. She usually has a lot of purple in her wardrobe and a lot of animal prints, usually leopard print. As a mermaid, she just wears a shell bra and some bracelets normally, though formal events require frilly overskirts and more jewelry.
♚ DEMEANOUR: Caren always looks mature and usually in control of things -- that or just annoyed.
♚ SOUND: This is not nails-on-chalkboard anime Caren. Manga Caren I headcanon as having a deeper voice that fits her "mature older girl" character.
♚ SCENT: The ocean, probably, or that "snow" scent that was popular around the early 2000s and smelled nothing like snow.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: Pretty normal there.
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Caren's a mermaid and a magical girl, so there's that.


♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: She'd be weirded out, but ask me.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: This is a murdergame.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: Caren is pretty guarded about romance, but I don't see why not. Again, this is manga Caren, who is considerably less straight than her counterpart from the anime.


Mar. 1st, 2014 11:44 am
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Info Page

Jun. 27th, 2013 10:11 pm
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Name: Kari Acosta : Caren
Age: 23 as of February 14, 2015
Appearance: Now has her canon human appearance (note that she has grey-blue eyes, not brownish-gold like the anime made them), but used to have shoulder-length black/brown hair. Has not yet regained the purple shell necklace, so she keeps her pearl in a pearl-cage necklace.
Occupation: Beauty queen, former Miss NJ USA (which only really matters when she needs to go make charity appearances or the media runs out of more famous celebrities to make stuff up about). Political Science major at LCU.

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- Just before game start -- memory of an underwater castle (hers)
2nd Echo- Colette tries to persuade her to join the main group -- memory of rejecting Lucia & co.'s similar offer
3rd Echo- Discovering that Raquel is alive - memory of her series' own mascot creature, Hippo
4th Echo- Water plot - Her soul being pulled out and transformed into a pearl, which she now has to keep on her
5th Echo- Candy being disappeared - memory that she and others have been hunted down before and that she had heard that the hunters had already captured someone significant to her
6th Echo- Learning that Hajime transforms to fight - memory that so did she, as well as what she looked like in her magical girl form
7th Echo- Pink light on September 21 - memory that, while she was on the run (as remembered in the fifth Echo), she spent a year travelling the world looking for news on a) survivors and b) someone who was missing/captured who was important to her
8th Echo- Tier II - Investigating the tremors and buzzing - transformation to first idol form and the ability to cast magic via song
9th Echo- Miranda trying to use her song powers - knowledge that music is magic and that the right people can use it to do anything
10th Echo- Bakura suspecting that she was royalty in her past life - memory that she was a princess and that the castle was hers
11th Echo- underground expedition - memory of Caren's coming-of-age ceremony, complete with seeing the apparition of Aqua Regina (whom she will only remember as "the queen"); still can't remember everyone was mermaids but has the sense that they were underwater, though it doesn't make sense to her as all the water features still worked
12th Echo- underground expedition 2: revenge of the snakes - memory of the time she was beaten by the Black Beauty Sisters and turned her pearl into a harp
13th Echo- Winter Item Echo - leopard-print bikini
14th Echo- Getting over herself - memory of waking up in Gackt's castle, rescued by Lucia/Hanon/Rina, and realizing that they're not vapid or useless, then looking over to see Noel and Coco falling out of their own stasis tubes as well as their pearls in Gackt's crown. Oh, and now she finally recognizes them as mermaids.
15th Echo- Letting the All-Stars know she's in. This time. - memory of showing up just in time to horn in on Lucia/Hanon/Rina's introduction speech when the Black Beauty Sisters were flooding the concert hall
16th Echo- Tier II - Bailing out Jasmine from the Blood Keys - introduction speeches and Cutie ☆ Hot Pitch
17th Echo- Fighting the snake invasion at Elian's - ability to memorize any song instantly
18th Echo- Farmhouse battle - shielding power
19th Echo- Special Finale Tier II - memory of Noel and memory of Gackt
20th Echo- Vegas lights - long purple hair
21st Echo- Seeing Annie as a mermaid - now able to become a mermaid
22nd Echo- Blackouts - memory of crossing the world in a day on Christmas Eve because she heard the voice of a little girl crying out for help. (doesn't remember specifics about Seira or her situation)
23rd Echo- The cult of the shell and their terminology and doctrine - memory of the two methods of mermaid reproduction
24th Echo- Tier II, June 2014 - Evil Russel - memory of Yuuri and first-tier song (Legend of Mermaid)
25th Echo- Tier II, May 2015 - final battle lights - third-tier song (Yume no Sono Saki he) and the uniform/microphone upgrade that comes with it

Notes: This Caren is from the manga, and thus I take the liberty of saying she actually has a good singing voice, whereas the anime kept saying she did and pretending she did but cast someone who makes ears bleed. ^^;


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